King Arthur Pendragon

481: Finishing up the year for Tisbury and Burcombe

Events and Winter Courting

Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury
Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe

After finding their way out of the Forest Sauvage the knights made their way up to Bedegraine to meet up with the army, but the battle was already over.

“While feasting in Bedegraine with the King and Count, Sir Iefan agressively flirted with a lady. Sir Gwarddur the Bastard “rescued” the lady and insulted Iefan who was so stricken by hurtfull words that he went mad. He wandered Sauvage for six months and was brought back to his senses by the breath of a unicorn and guided out of the forest."

“A catchy song was written of Sir Siors’s battle: a brave knight preparing for battle, glory awaits, spur to horse, lances tip… gets knocked down. followed by several verses of the clever and brave squire saving his master. Hella glory.

Attended winter court in Salisbury. Sir Iefan got drunk and tried to approach Lady Delian, but failed. Sir Digon was successful in making a positive impression on Lady Anwedd after making a fool of himself.

Sir Iefan raided in Sussex and managed to gather some loot with minor casualties.

Sir Digon’s poor relations with his neighbours in Chicksgrove escalated into a blood feud and a young cousin became a squire.



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