King Arthur Pendragon

481: Lost Boys

Adventures in the Forest Sauvage

Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury

The brave knights who got lost in Forest Sauvage while traveling from Caerwent to Lambor fumble about in the woods for a time and get hopelessly lost. For a week they had traveled, weaving between trees and crossing small streams, when they finally realized they were likely not going in the right direction.

A few days later they stumbled through a bush and into a small clearing. The trees were high and only a small patch of sky was visible in the middle, a beam of sunshine stabbing down onto the forest floor. In the beam of light was a small unusual looking twisty know of branches, which suddenly sprang up upon being disturbed. It turned and hissed at the knights and suddenly grew to a great hulking height. That was when the brave sirs bravely turned and ran away. After a few hours the crashing and bellowing behind them had died down.

Some more days passed in relative peace and quiet. The knights chose to ride their chargers and hold their weapons at hand now, fearing more surprises. They were following an old stream bed, dried up and with rounded pebbles littering the floor, when from ambush a group of bandits attacked. Inflamed by their hate for all knights the rogues let loose arrows to Sir Iefan’s back, but Sir Digon had spotted the front man and charged him down. Sir Iefan wheeled his horse round and charged as well, but one of the bandits landed a grievous hit that knocked him off his horse.

Now, with shield high Sir Iefan rushed the three bandits in front of him and Sir Digon came charging back, while the bandits loosed yet more arrows, but did not manage to sink their shafts into flesh. Sir Iefan slew a bandit with a mighty stroke, while Sir Digon ran another through, but the final bandit was not idle and sunk an arrow to Digon’s side. Finally Sir Iefans blow knocked the rogue down and he lay on the ground sorely wounded and unconscious.

The squires tended to their lords wounds and burials for the bandits. Finally the last bandit was patched up as well, though his life would surely end soon without seeking more sophisticated care. His life was bartered for passage out of the forest and after some more days the group finally emerged close to Oxford.

Finished, next time: healing and winter phases.



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