King Arthur Pendragon

481: Winter Solo/Phase for Sir Dugal

Making friends in new places

After the Battle of Bedegraine, Sir Dugal was recuperating before heading home. He had the distinct misfortune of running into Sir Gwarddur the Bastard. Some words were exchanged and tempers rose. No blows were exchanged, but both parties walked away with new hate passions.

Early in the winter Sir Dugal was invited on a hunting party hosted by Sir Roderick. He made a bit of a fool of himself, by not paying attention and riding into a low hanging branch, while charging a boar, but managed an assist on foot. Later in the final feast of the hunt he redeemed himself with his wit, stories and social skills.

Finally, a young boy of his kin who had just began squiring was left without parents was placed in his care until the boy was knighted. Sir Dugal will be the caretaker and beneficiary of a 3£ parcel of land until the boy is knighted in 486.



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