King Arthur Pendragon

482: Invasion of Summerland

Courting & Feuding

Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury

Easter Court in Sarum:
Muster is announced. King Uther orders war against Summerland for refusing to sell him iron. A third of all knights is ordered to gather at Castle of the Rock. Several lords press land claims against King of Summerland. Sir Digon courts lady Anwedd and Sir Iefan tries to get Sir Elad to grant him a banner in the coming battle. No such luck, but he admires Iefan’s boldness.

The army with 750 knights and 1500 foot press into Summerland and King Cadwy withdraws into the marshes. All mines are flooded or blocked and abandoned. Duke of Cornwall and other barons from Ascalon and Jagent are abscent and King Uther is furious, but they are later discovered sieging other castles. The way to Uthers army had been blocked.

Finally the army begins to fall ill. Some blame poor camp discipline and others King Cadwy’s curse. Uther demands a meeting with Cadwy and soon a peace is reached. Cadwy becomes Count of Summerland and vassal to King Uther, but retains his title of King.

Marriage of Count Roderick:
The knights, together with Sir Elad, travel to the Castle of Vigor to visit Sir Ederyn, Baron of Warchastle and his sister Lady Llylla. She is 18 years old and very beautiful (APP 23). During the stay, the knights witness her abusive nature towards servants and others she deems below her. Sir Roderick was most interested in her great beauty until he heard of her cruelty.

Dealing with Chicksgrove:
Sir Digon gathers his friend Sir Iefan, Tisbury’s master of horse and the former squire to his brother Duncan to go visit the lord of Chicksgrove, Sir Avery.

The knights ride up to Chickgrove manor and ask the guardsmen to see Sir Avery. They are invited in and meet young Sir Avery who looks like he has been drinking heavily for an extended time. In his hall are sprawled many squires of minor noble houses and a few lesser sons of notable families. (Imagine a house party gone wrong while parents are away).

Sir Digon asks for his horse back. Sir Avery insists the magnificent horse he calls Shadow is product of Chicksgrove breeding programs. The knights wish to see the horse to verify, but are ordered to leave Chicksgrove and not show their faces again.

Winter Court
The king is happy with another victory.
Count Roderick is happy with added lands to the western border of Salisbury.
King Uther announces he will decide who shall marry Lady Ellen next summer.

Sir Iefan flirts with Lady Delian and makes good progress with courting.
Sir Digon courts Lady Anwedd again and manages to get his feud with Chicksgrove brought to court next spring.



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