King Arthur Pendragon

New family emerges from the grey masses of NPCs

Character creation & solos for Chris.

Meet the Aughton family and young Sir Digby.

Sir Digby has a plethora of high traits and a deep mistrust of the Irish. He may well be the best chess player in Britain. The Aughton estate is famous for it’s monastery and the russet monks help tend the fields and the people of the village. Sir Digby’s father went missing in 468 and is presumed dead.



“While on garrison duty in Vagon castle, Sir Digby was courteous and well spoken in front of Sir Elad and a visiting nobleman.”

“During his watch a delegation of Irish “traders” were visiting the town. Sir Digby thought well of them until he found them harassing a local scribe on the street and confronted the lot. A fight broke out and Sir Digby was victorious. Most of the band was slain, but some made off. In doing so he made friends with an apprentice scribe whose master was killed in the fight. The scribe wanted to join Sir Digby and serve him."

“A second Irish group passed through the county and this time Sir Digby was high alert. The group soon made off after spotting him on the wall and Sir Digby gave chase with a detachment of guards. Many of the rogues were slain when caught, but most made it out of the county.”


“Most of 481 Sir Digby was not needed by his lord and he spent the time getting to know his people and tending the estate”



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