King Arthur Pendragon

Year 480

The King is dead! Long live the king!

Simo: Sir Godfrey of Marston
Timo: Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Jenni: Sir Aeron of Boyton
Jani: Sir Aldwyn of Durnford
Jari: Sir Morgan of Dinton
Markku: Sir Duncan of Tisbury

We begin they year with a small feast and knighting of many promising squires. Afterwards, Sir Elad approaches the young knights and informs them that Sir Roderick, Count of Salisbury has a mission for them.

Led by Sir Elad the knights travel to Wynchbank Castle (Windsor) to meet the baron, Sir Gwylon. Sir Roderick is interested in arranging an engagement with Lady Ellen, the barons only child and heir. Though she is only 13 years old, she is growing into a beautiful young woman. The knights also learn that Sir Blains, Duke Ulfius’s trusted man has been making similar advances, but has thus far been rebuffed. The matter is put on hold, when during easter court, King Aurelius Ambrosius reveals that both the Irish and Saxons from Kent are making moves against Logres.

Half the kings army marches to Cambria to counter the Irish led by Prince Uther and his newly “found” and knighted son Madoc. The other half waits in defence of Salisbury as news reaches Sarum, that the fleet is sailing up the river Avon.

During the Battle of Salisbury the forces of Britain are holding their own well untill the king suddenly falls from his horse dead. Later, there are rumors of poison before the battle. When morale is low and the knights of Logres fall back is dismay, Sir Gorlois of Cornwall leads the reserves and cuts the enemy army in half. During the final cleanup, the knights of Salisbury spot a Saxon hero and his bodyguards and valiantly try to reach him. Sir Duncan of Tisbury is slain and the young warchief makes off, though sorely wounded.



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