Abbot John

Royal Chancellor, The Abbot-Bishop of Brightstream Abbey


Abbot John
Black Monk of the British Church

Glory: 0 (Clergy)
Age: 50 in 480 (b. 430)
Appearance: Old, bent, and disheveled
Personality: Calculating and manipulative
Type: Administrator
Notable: Arbitrary 16, Deceitful 17, Intrigue 17, Law 18, Priest 19


The chancery is a department consisting entirely of clerks who copy the king’s commands into formal legalese, in duplicate; and the chancellor, or other court official, seals them and sends them on their way by royal messenger to the sheriffs of the counties where they are to be executed. This body of clerks was put together by Ambrosius in his reorganization.

The Abbot-Bishop of Brightstream Abbey, Father Abbot John is also the head of the Chancery and the bearer of the royal seal. Illiteracy reigns in Britain, but signs and symbols are widespread. Lords and some court officials are allowed to use personal seals to prove that a document is from them, pressing their private symbol into a few drops of hot wax. Only the king, certain members of his court, and top-ranking church officials may use their seal as a signature. Everyone else requires witnesses to their signatures.

Abbot John’s graying hair is shaved into a British tonsure. His hazel eyes are hidden in a perpetual squint, and his back is hunched from years of laboring over manuscripts and documents. His fingers are always ink-stained. He likes perfumed oils from Rome; courtiers smell him before they see him.

Abbot John

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