Sir Brychan of Longridge

Baron of Longridge, Deputy Marshal of Logres


Sir Brychan
Baron, Officer

Glory: 5,867 (Renowned)
Age: 35 in 480 (b. 445)
Appearance: Strong, tough
Personality: Tenacious
Type: Courtier
Notable: Proud 17, Valorous 18, Battle 19, Siege 16, Spear Expertise 19, Sword 19


Sir Brychan, the Deputy Marshal of Logres, has a deep, booming voice that inspires those he leads. He is a large man, with black hair and beard and blue eyes. He braids his hair and beard and wears the arm rings of the warriors he has killed to appear more fearsome to his Saxon enemies. Brychan is also the Baron of Longridge, in Clarence.

Because Duke Ulfius is frequently away on king’s business, the important task of keeping Uther’s army trained, equipped, and ready to fight often falls to Brychan.

During Aurelius Ambrosius’ raids in Frisia, Brychan famously continued his attack despite losing his right hand, breaking through the Saxon defenses and burning their ships using only the torch in his left hand. He hates cowardice and always makes time for the valorous.

Sir Brychan of Longridge

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