Brother Hugh

Royal Chamberlain


Brother Hugh †
Black Monk of the British Church

Glory: 0 (Clergy)
Age: 33 in 480 (b. 447)
Appearance: Red-faced, large ears
Personality: Licentious and dissolute
Type: Administrator
Notable: Honest 18, Indulgent 16, Lustful 18, Suspicious 18, Courtesy 18, Gaming 16, Priest 17


Royal Chamber
The chamber is the department responsible for the king’s personal quarters and everything in it. This staff includes the wardrober, barber, and laundress (who is always beautiful), among others. The King’s furniture and effects are borne on several large ox-drawn wagons. The chamberlain also ensures the King’s private entertainment needs are met.

Brother Hugh is the bastard of some northern noble and a knight’s daughter who has been long since sequestered in a nunnery. The monk’s distrust of everyone but Uther provokes him to make many accusations against anyone who comes too close to the king’s belongings. Hugh is one of Uther’s closest friends and a drinking buddy.

Brother Hugh is tall, robust, loud, and a bit lewd. He has blue eyes and has grown his blond hair and beard as long as possible in a failed attempt to distract from his huge ears.

Thanks to a natural aptitude for numbers, Hugh rose to become one of the greatest accountants in Logres. However, the Order of the Black Monks earned his hatred after they punished him for pursuing his other natural aptitude and running off with an abbot’s daughter. Hugh’s love of drink, gambling, and women is a poorly kept secret.

Brother Hugh

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