Brother Syrion

Royal Treasurer


Brother Syrion
Russet Monk of the British Church

Glory: 0 (Clergy)
Age: 42 in 480 (b. 438)
Appearance: Average
Personality: Meticulous
Type: Administrator
Notable: Honest 18, Hate (Tax cheats) 16, Clerk 20


Brother Syrion is a Russet Monk from the White City in Hantonne. He worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a clerk in the Treasury and patiently proving his honesty and diligence. He is deeply committed to his job, and rather dull in everything else. Only when he discovers someone cheating the king does he grow passionate.

The Treasurer guards and pays out of the kingdom’s treasure, in this case meaning coinage, gold bars, valuables that are useful as gifts, and other precious items that are used to pay or trade for things. He receives it, locks it away, guards it, and pays it out upon written receipt and seal. The bulk of the king’s treasure is safe at the two royal treasuries at Llud’s Hall, in Salisbury; and the Castle of the Slippery Ford, in Lambor. The king’s mobile cash supply is handled by the Royal Chamber.

A permanent garrison mans the treasuries, as well as local guards rotating in for their turns standing watch.

Brother Syrion

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