Sir Roderick

Count of Salisbury


Sir Roderick
Baron of the Castle of the Rock C (Salisbury), Baron of Borders Castle C (Salisbury), Baron of DuPlain Castle C (Salisbury), Baron of Vagon Castle C (Salisbury), Baron of the Castle at the Ford of the Roe Deer C (Thamesmouth), Baron of Kingstown C (Hartland), Lord of Cockfield (Caercolun), Lord of Wildmound (Caerwent)

Age: 30 (b. 450)
Glory: 4,044
Notable: Homage (Uther) 20, Hate (Saxons) 16 Courtesy 5, Battle 17
Personality: Open-handed Soldier
Archetype: Intriguer



Sir Roderick is an heir of ancient lineage holding onto an ancient demesne with
many extraordinary privileges and rights. The Castle of Roe Deer Ford came to his family through marriage, with other lands from the king here and there.

Sir Roderick

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