Sir Corneus

Duke of Lindsey, Count of Linden Pool


Sir Corneus
Duke of Lindsey and Count of Linden Pool, Baron of Linden Pool C (Linden), Magouns C (Hantonne), St Peter’s C (Lonazep), Birch Hill (Rydychan), Sheriff of Linden C.

Age: 37

  • Glory*: 6,708
    Notable: Homage (Uther) 12, Hate (Church) 17, Courtesy 3, Battle 18

Sir Corneus is an ambitious warlord, proud of his courage and prowess, unafraid
of anything alive except King Uther. His bard calls him “Hammer of the Church,” a title
conferred by the northern British Christian church.

He holds many titles and lands in Logres and additional valuable holdings in the foreign land of Malahaut.

Sir Corneus

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