Sir Gorlois of Cornwall

Duke of Cornwall


Duke Gorlois
Duke of Cornwall and Baron of the Clean Stream H (Ascalon), the Bright Skull (Silchester), Sheriff of Tintagel C, Lord of Castle Terrabil C (Tintagel), Lord of Camulos’ Castle C (Hantonne).

Age: 42
Glory: 11,914
Notable: Homage (Uther) 9, Love (Ygraine) 18, Courtesy 6, Battle 21


Duke Gorlois has been a rival to Uther since their exile in Brittany. He is a skilled warlord and was a favorite of King Aurelius Ambrosius. His wife, Ygraine, is said to be one of the most beautiful women in Britain. He has two young daughters by her, Margawse and Elain.

Sir Gorlois of Cornwall

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