Sir Gwarddur the Bastard

An honorles vassal of Count Sulien of Bedegraine


Vassal of Count Sulien of Bedegraine

Called “The Bastard”, not because of his parentage (and not to his face), but because he’s a cold-hearted man who only care for himself and his family. Everyone else can go bugger an ox.

Sir Dugal of Tisbury had the displeasure of making an enemy of him, while recuperating after the Battle of Bedegraine in 481.

Name Wealth Trait 16+ Trait 16+ Special Wife Boys Girls
Gwarddur Vassal Generous Temperate Uses Axe Yes 3 0
Age Glory APP Hate Loy Hon Hosp Love Sword Lance Horse Battle
41 2460 11 11 14 4 9 16 21 16 18 14
Hate: Tisbury 12


Sir Gwarddur the Bastard

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