King Cadwy of Summerland

King of Summerland


King Cadwy
King of Summerland and Baron of the Castle by the Great Bridge C (Summerland), Castle on the Heights C (Ascalon), Wells T, Baths T, and the Forest of Glamour.

Glory 0 (he is not a knight)
Courtesy 20, Diplomacy 35


This lord is a living antique, ancient beyond memory, who came out of retirement when his father, Gwynn, was banished from his throne. Cadwy is not a knight, having come to this throne before Aurelius Ambrosius established knighthood. When he needs vigorous action he summons his son, Melwas, a legendary warrior upon a green horse, famous for deeds. The king is almost never seen outside of his Castle of the Great Bridge, save for when he is hunting in one of his gloomy forests.

Ambrosius was content to leave this old land to itself.

King Cadwy of Summerland

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