Lady Ellen

Young heiress to extensive landholdings


Lady Ellen of Wynchbank

Age: 13 in 480 (b. 467)
Noticable: Temperate


Young maid of thirteen (b. 467), Lady Ellen is not yet of marriageable age, still growing into her looks (APP 13). She seems to eschew finery, unlike many other young girls, and abstains from excess at the feast (notable Trait: Temperate). Lady Ellen is the only surviving child of her father, making her the heiress of extensive lands in Salisbury and various manors in Logres.

Her father, Sir Gwylon has resisted marriage efforts by Sir Blains, a Notable knightin the household of Baron Ulfius, a good friend of King Uther

Baron Gwylon dies in the Battle of Salisbury with King Aurelius Ambrosius. King Uther reclaims properties gifted for life to Gwylon, including Wynchbank Castle. Lady Ellen, still an heiress to extensive landholdings, becomes Uther’s ward. Immediately several lords proposition the King for her hand, including the new Duke of the Vale, Sir Ulfius, speaking for his man, Sir Blains. Uther claims it is too early to make a decision, Ellen is still a girl and a complete inventory needs to be taken of the inheritance. Two clear front-runners emerge, though: Count Roderick and Sir Blains, the latter elevated to the Stewardship of Levcomagus by Duke Ulfius.

Lady Ellen

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