Heir to the Duke of the Saxon Shore


Sir Lucius

Age: 1 (b. 479)


The title of the Duke of the Saxon Shore is vacant; its previous holder, Lord Ventrius, died at the Battle of Salisbury, leaving behind his one-year old heir, Lucius. King Uther, as is his right as the liege lord, claims the wardship of the child.

Lucius’ holdings are the largest in Britain, after King Uther’s. He is scion of a most distinguished Roman family which still holds broad lands and powers from long-distant imperial days. His ancestors permanently gained ownership of the Dukedom of the Saxon Shore, and Ambrosius allowed the marriage of Lord Ventrius, Lucius’ father, to the heiress of Caerwent, with all the pleasures and responsibilities of the office. All should be well for the noble — except he is a young child.


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