Sir Argan ap Maelgad

Royal Constable


Sir Argan ap Maelgad
Household Knight

Glory: 5,648 (Renowned)
Age: 29 in 480 (b. 451)
Appearance: Strong
Personality: Grim, efficient
Type: Combatant, diplomat
Notable: Energetic 16, Vengeful 18, Homage (Uther) 17, Diplomacy 17, Horsemanship 18, Sword 21

Argan is Uther’s “fixer.” He is one of the king’s constables, although most of those duties actually fall to his deputy Sir Llywarch because Sir Argan is frequently traveling all over Logres, eliminating problems for the king. He uses any means necessary to ensure people do what Uther wants, confident the king will absolve him of any wrongdoing.

Sir Argan is strong and tough, with fair hair, blue eyes, and a full, bushy beard. He will lose his left ear fighting against the rebellious King of Bedegraine. He is often seen traveling with his close friend Sir Galehaut the Brown.


Argan is married to a gorgeous lady named Dyagenne. After Ygraine rejects Uther for giving their child to Merlin the Magician, the king seduces Dyagenne, cuckolding Argan. When the constable discovers this he slays Dyagenne in a fit of jealousy. Then he rides to court and publicly challenges Uther to a judicial duel! Inspired by his rage, Argan wins. He ransoms the king’s life for the cost of a castle which he then builds, calling it “Uther’s Shame.” Sir Argan retires to it and from there he and his sons harass the knights of the king for decades at the Red Tower Bridge. The locations of the castle and the bridge are left to the Gamemaster to determine.

Argan survives St Albans and dies valiantly later, fighting alongside King Nanteleod at the Battle of Netley Marsh. ❧

Sir Argan ap Maelgad

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