Sir Bellias

Captain of the Kings Guard, Royal Bodyguard


Sir Bellias
Household Knight

Glory: 8,439 (Famous)
Age: 41 in 480 (b. 439)
Appearance: Meticulous
Personality: Loyal, reliable
Type: Combatant
Notable: Valorous (Uther) +5, Homage (Uther) 27, Awareness 20, Spear 22, Sword 21


Bellias is from Armorica and was raised alongside Uther. During the Saxon campaigns under Ambrosius Aurelianus and King Uther, his prowess with sword and spear made him famous throughout Britain. In 480 he is the Captain of the King’s Guard, Uther’s personal bodyguard, and undoubtedly the most loyal knight in Logres.

Sir Bellias

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