Sir Canuc de Caerec

"The Trio"


Sir Canuc de Caerec
Household Knight

Glory: 2,665 (Respected)
Age: 32 in 480 (b. 448)
Appearance: Tall and rangy, piercing eyes
Personality (All): Stupid, brutish
Type (All): Fighter
Notable (All): Spear Expertise, Sword, Dagger 21


These three killers (Sir Heliandor de la Montagne, Sir Carac) are Uther’s favorite thugs. They are big, mean upon command, experienced, and brutally cruel. They sit right in front of him at feasts, and fight beside him on the battlefield. They only kill upon command, and seem to just appear out of nowhere to settle fights, get rid of unruly visitors, silence drunks, or bring someone to the king.

Sir Canuc de Caerec

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