Sir Diocenar

Royal Butler


Sir Diocenar
Vassal, Officer

Glory: 3,222 (Notable)
Age: 42 in 480 (b. 438)
Appearance: Average
Personality: Fastidious
Type: Administrator
Notable: Love (Eleri) 23, Just 18, Clerk 18


Diocenar is in charge of the buttery, or butts of wine. He orders thousands of gallons per year making sure that the several qualities for knights, lords, and the king are available at every royal site. He also oversees the other food functions like the larderer, pantler, and kitchener. Sir Diocenar is a veteran warrior whose wounds no longer allow him to the field of battle. He is a stern taskmaster; his underlings are all afraid of his sharp blows to the head when they err. He holds a couple of manors in Clarence, but is always at court.

Sir Diocenar

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