Sir Do de Garfuel

Royal Forest Justicar


Sir Do de Carduel †
Vassal, Officer

Glory: 4,531 (Renowned)
Age: 29 in 480 (b. 451)
Appearance: Taciturn
Personality: Irritable
Type: Hunter
Notable: Cruel 17, Just 20, Proud 18


Sir Do de Carduel is an old friend of Uther, going back to their childhood in Armorica. His duty is to go upon a circuit of various forests with his small court, hearing cases and setting fines and other punishment for wrongdoers. He is absolute and unflinching with the rules, enforcing every infraction to its maximum penalty, judging anything questionable to the king’s favor, enriching the king and himself as he does. He wrings pennies even out of old women. The commoners call him “King Despot” and “The Pillager.” Fortunately, he is lazy and erratic about inspecting, and often just leaves the regard to his assistants. Uther has awarded him several manors throughout the kingdom.

He is a tall man with blond hair and beard. He is stonefaced; his blue eyes always locked in an inscrutable glare. He is an aloof and touchy man at court, aware of his high status and careful to protect it. He owns several holdings in the Forests.

Sir Do de Garfuel

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