Sir Galehaut the Brown

Baron of the Waters


Sir Galehaut the Brown

Glory: 8,284 (Famous)
Age: 48 in 480 (b. 432)
Appearance: Big, tough
Personality: Patient, blunt
Type: Combatant
Notable: Valorous 19, Homage (Uther) 18, Battle 16, Spear Expertise 23


Sir Galehaut is Uther’s loyal Baron of the Waters. The third-born son of Sir Ellain the Brown and member of the famous Brun (“Brown”) family. He can often be found about the kingdom on business for himself or the king, frequently traveling with his close friend Sir Argan. He is big and tough, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a full beard. He walks with a slight limp. To those who do not know him, he appears bullish and overbearing. He wears black chain mail, polished to a mirror-like finish that rarely shows the wear of battle.

Sir Galehaut the Brown

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