Sir Gaudifier

Royal Cupbearer


Sir Gaudifier †
Household, Officer

Glory: 3,428 (Notable)
Age: 45 in 480 (b. 435)
Appearance: Heavy-set
Personality: Haughty
Type: Courtier
Notable: Modest 17, Courtesy 20


Sir Gaudifier is the royal cupbearer, and at great feasts stands behind the king and pours his wine. He is the royal taster too, although he has several subordinates who he allows to do this job. At mealtime, Gaudifier greets people before they meet the king and makes sure they are aware of minimal protocol (kneel, speak only when spoken to, back out slowly), determines if any special honors are required for the person and oversees the trumpeters, honor guard, translator, pages, and every other functionary. His duties have expanded to include oversight of the entire hall. He hires musicians and acrobats, decides who sits above the salt, and more. The great hall has many purposes, but here is primarily concerned with serving meals.

Sir Gaudifier

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