Sir Goreau

Royal Senechal


Sir Goreau †
Household, Officer

Glory: 5,259 (Renowned)
Age: 38 in 480 (b. 442)
Appearance: Short, tough
Personality: Greedy
Type: Administrator
Notable: Energetic 16, Prudent 18, Trusting 17, Stewardship 20


Sir Goreau oversees the royal demesne, spending most of his time outside the eyre, making the rounds of stewards and bailiffs and overseeing the royal holdings. He travels with two clerks, one called “Scribbler” and the other “Counting Man,” who always has his abacus within reach. He is short and tough, with blond hair, hazel eyes, and always keeps his face clean- shaven. He is a fast talker and full of energy, always on the move.

Sir Goreau’s true talents are in logistics. Many of Aurelius’ and Uther’s successes on the battlefield would not have been possible without Sir Goreau finding the food and carts necessary to feed the soldiers and their horses, and transport the army’s

Sir Goreau

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