Sir Gwyllim

Constable of the White Tower


Sir Gwyllim †
Vassal, Officer

Glory: 7,884 (Renowned)
Age: 41 in 480 (b. 439)
Appearance: Short, quick
Personality: Generous
Type: Hunter
Notable: DEX 17, Indulgent 18, Hate (Cities) 17, Hunting 18, Siege 17, Spear Expertise 19


Sir Gwyllim holds the special position of Constable of the White Tower and holds the keys to the king’s own residence in Londinium. Though titled “constable” his job is not with horses, but are the benefits (and challenges) of being castellan. He is the foster son of Guithelinus, the Archbishop of Londinium who also fostered Aurelius and Uther when they were infants. He has known Uther most of his life. He never met his mother — Guithelinus claimed she died in childbirth and always seemed eager to change the subject any time someone asked about her. He holds several manors throughout the kingdom of Logres.

Sir Gwyllim’s head is covered by a tangled mess of flaming red curls, a luxurious red beard, bright blue eyes, and when he is outside, a constant smile that displays a lust for life. He hates the smell and noises of the city. He never seems comfortable around crowds, and only stays in Londinium out of loyalty to Uther. Gwyllim is happiest in the country and is renowned for his skills as a huntsman.

Sir Gwyllim

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