Sir Meliodas of Lyonesse


Sir Meliodas of Lyonesse
Foreign Visitor

Glory: 5,849 (Renowned)
Age: 25 in 480 (b. 455)
Appearance: Big and Strong
Personality: Lawful Hero
Type: Courtier
Notable: Honest 16, Just 18, Courtesy 18, Orate 16, Great Axe 18, Lance 17, Sword 17


A younger son of Felec, King of Lyonesse, Sir Meliodas has been set adrift with nothing but his horse and armor to make his own fortune.

Meliodas is still young, with brown hair, squinty brown eyes and a beard that is still growing in. Even as he grows older he keeps a youthful look.

Sir Meliodas of Lyonesse

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