Sir Sadinal

Royal Dapifer & Herald


Sir Sadinal †
Household, Officer

Glory: 7,632 (Renowned)
Age: 38 in 480 (b. 442)
Appearance: Impeccable
Personality: Formal
Type: Administrator
Notable: APP 17, Energetic 18, Proud 18, Heraldry 19, Courtesy 17, Stewardship 20


Sir Sadinal oversees Uther’s household. The dapifer is responsible for the ordering of the king’s domestic household. He leads and coordinates all the department heads so that meals are grand, on-time, and plentiful. Clean beds, who sleeps where, proper wall hangings, and laundry are all the dapifer’s domain. A pair of deputy dapifers work in tandem, one tending to royal affairs at the current location, while the other is at the next stop in the King’s Progress, preparing the way.

Sadinal is the primary proponent of a new idea: knights should bear special arms of their own. The king made up the title of Court Herald to amuse Sadinal and to support his quirky desire.

Sadinal developed an extreme hatred for the poet Sir Duach who composed a poem of praise about his own heroism at the Battle of Wynchbank, despite the fact that he had actually held back out of combat even after Sir Sadinal lead the charge
that allowed Aurelius Ambrosius to escape. Duach’s jaunty ditty is more popular than the drab verses about Sadinal.

Sir Sadinal is tall and stocky with brown eyes. His black hair and full beard echo his usual dark mood that only seems to brighten when he is discussing heraldry.

Sir Sadinal

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