Sir Ulfius

Duke of the Vale, Sheriff of Silchester


Sir Ulfius †
Duke of the Vale, Sheriff of Silchester C, Baron of the Castle of the Buck C (Caerwent), Monument Hill C (Caercolun), Baron of the Castle at the Loud Stream C (Tintagel), Stoneskeep C (Berroc), Bridge on the Cam C (Clarence), Oaktown C (Tintagel), Upper Ford (Caercolun), Levcomagus H (Silchester), Wolfhill (Glevum) Flax Spring, Alys’ Wood.

Glory: 9,224 (Famous)
Age: 41 in 480 (b. 439)
Appearance: Scruffy
Personality: Ambitious
Type: Hunter
Notable: Energetic 19, Proud 18, Valorous 20, Homage (Uther) 24, Courtesy 16, Intrigue 18, Battle 19, Siege 17, Spear Expertise 19, Sword 20



Ulfius is the hardest-working baron in Logres. He became close friends with Uther as a child in Armorica and has remained a favorite ever since. Baron by blood, he has earned his way to the top through relentless effort in every battle, securing whatever part of the field he was in even if the rest of the army ran away, and uncompromising loyalty to the king, his friend.

Ulfius is one of Uther’s great warriors and leaders, and has been appointed Duke of the Vale and Sheriff of Silchester, rewards for his years of loyal service. His network of diplomats, merchants, and priests report on the activities of Uther’s enemies and rivals. He is constantly on the move, overseeing the King’s armies, defenses and the many holdings the King has granted him. Even at court, he has a tendency to pace relentlessly.

Ulfius is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen to what he has to say. He speaks intentionally, choosing his words carefully. He is not a tall man, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a full beard.

Sir Ulfius

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