King Arthur Pendragon

481: Finishing up the year for Tisbury and Burcombe
Events and Winter Courting

Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury
Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe

After finding their way out of the Forest Sauvage the knights made their way up to Bedegraine to meet up with the army, but the battle was already over.

“While feasting in Bedegraine with the King and Count, Sir Iefan agressively flirted with a lady. Sir Gwarddur the Bastard “rescued” the lady and insulted Iefan who was so stricken by hurtfull words that he went mad. He wandered Sauvage for six months and was brought back to his senses by the breath of a unicorn and guided out of the forest."

“A catchy song was written of Sir Siors’s battle: a brave knight preparing for battle, glory awaits, spur to horse, lances tip… gets knocked down. followed by several verses of the clever and brave squire saving his master. Hella glory.

Attended winter court in Salisbury. Sir Iefan got drunk and tried to approach Lady Delian, but failed. Sir Digon was successful in making a positive impression on Lady Anwedd after making a fool of himself.

Sir Iefan raided in Sussex and managed to gather some loot with minor casualties.

Sir Digon’s poor relations with his neighbours in Chicksgrove escalated into a blood feud and a young cousin became a squire.

481: Lost Boys
Adventures in the Forest Sauvage

Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury

The brave knights who got lost in Forest Sauvage while traveling from Caerwent to Lambor fumble about in the woods for a time and get hopelessly lost. For a week they had traveled, weaving between trees and crossing small streams, when they finally realized they were likely not going in the right direction.

A few days later they stumbled through a bush and into a small clearing. The trees were high and only a small patch of sky was visible in the middle, a beam of sunshine stabbing down onto the forest floor. In the beam of light was a small unusual looking twisty know of branches, which suddenly sprang up upon being disturbed. It turned and hissed at the knights and suddenly grew to a great hulking height. That was when the brave sirs bravely turned and ran away. After a few hours the crashing and bellowing behind them had died down.

Some more days passed in relative peace and quiet. The knights chose to ride their chargers and hold their weapons at hand now, fearing more surprises. They were following an old stream bed, dried up and with rounded pebbles littering the floor, when from ambush a group of bandits attacked. Inflamed by their hate for all knights the rogues let loose arrows to Sir Iefan’s back, but Sir Digon had spotted the front man and charged him down. Sir Iefan wheeled his horse round and charged as well, but one of the bandits landed a grievous hit that knocked him off his horse.

Now, with shield high Sir Iefan rushed the three bandits in front of him and Sir Digon came charging back, while the bandits loosed yet more arrows, but did not manage to sink their shafts into flesh. Sir Iefan slew a bandit with a mighty stroke, while Sir Digon ran another through, but the final bandit was not idle and sunk an arrow to Digon’s side. Finally Sir Iefans blow knocked the rogue down and he lay on the ground sorely wounded and unconscious.

The squires tended to their lords wounds and burials for the bandits. Finally the last bandit was patched up as well, though his life would surely end soon without seeking more sophisticated care. His life was bartered for passage out of the forest and after some more days the group finally emerged close to Oxford.

Finished, next time: healing and winter phases.

481: Winter Solo/Phase for Sir Dugal
Making friends in new places

After the Battle of Bedegraine, Sir Dugal was recuperating before heading home. He had the distinct misfortune of running into Sir Gwarddur the Bastard. Some words were exchanged and tempers rose. No blows were exchanged, but both parties walked away with new hate passions.

Early in the winter Sir Dugal was invited on a hunting party hosted by Sir Roderick. He made a bit of a fool of himself, by not paying attention and riding into a low hanging branch, while charging a boar, but managed an assist on foot. Later in the final feast of the hunt he redeemed himself with his wit, stories and social skills.

Finally, a young boy of his kin who had just began squiring was left without parents was placed in his care until the boy was knighted. Sir Dugal will be the caretaker and beneficiary of a 3£ parcel of land until the boy is knighted in 486.

New family emerges from the grey masses of NPCs
Character creation & solos for Chris.

Meet the Aughton family and young Sir Digby.

Sir Digby has a plethora of high traits and a deep mistrust of the Irish. He may well be the best chess player in Britain. The Aughton estate is famous for it’s monastery and the russet monks help tend the fields and the people of the village. Sir Digby’s father went missing in 468 and is presumed dead.



“While on garrison duty in Vagon castle, Sir Digby was courteous and well spoken in front of Sir Elad and a visiting nobleman.”

“During his watch a delegation of Irish “traders” were visiting the town. Sir Digby thought well of them until he found them harassing a local scribe on the street and confronted the lot. A fight broke out and Sir Digby was victorious. Most of the band was slain, but some made off. In doing so he made friends with an apprentice scribe whose master was killed in the fight. The scribe wanted to join Sir Digby and serve him."

“A second Irish group passed through the county and this time Sir Digby was high alert. The group soon made off after spotting him on the wall and Sir Digby gave chase with a detachment of guards. Many of the rogues were slain when caught, but most made it out of the county.”


“Most of 481 Sir Digby was not needed by his lord and he spent the time getting to know his people and tending the estate”

481: Main session
The Lost Boys

Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury

Easter Court in Caerwent at the Bishoprick of Venta. Sir Digon is knighted. The Bishop of Venta chastices Digon for acting unlike a proper christian knight, but in private.

King Uther orders 1/5th of all knights to muster in Lambor in a months time for conquest of Bedegraine after King Bedegraine refused to pay tribute to him. Sir Digon and Iefan decide to make their own way to Lambor after easter court, since travel all the way back to Salisbury would be a waste of time. They get lost while taking a shortcut through Forest Sauvage. We’ll perhaps hear of them later…

In the mean time, Uther’s army has mustered and moves out to meet Bedegraines much smaller force. There is raiding and Bedegraine holds Sir Ulfius and the main army from crossing the Trent river. Sir Sulien, King Bedegraines cousin has agreed to help Uther and leads a portion of the army led by Uther himself across another lesser fording. Bedegraine withdraws to hold the castles as Uther approaches.

The Battle of Bedegraine is a short business. Uther’s forces outnumber their enemy by over 5:1 and on the third hour King Bedegraine is slain by Uther himself and the battle is over.

Some brave knights of Salisbury were participating in the battle: Sir Siors of Burcombe and Sir Dugal of Tisbury.

Sir Siors took a massive blow in the first charge and was sent flying off his saddle. His squire was sure his lord was dead, but managed to retrieve the body and weave his way through the fighting only to reach camp just as the battle was over. Through first aid and application of the mysterious ointment Siors recovered last year, his life was spared.

Sir Dugal was also unhorsed in the first charge and his squire lost sight of him. Dugal however got up on his feet and seeing no other course of action, attacked any and all opponents around him. Using his spear and fiery passions he managed to survive the rest of the battle against mounted knights.

After the battle is over and done with, Sir Gorlois of Cornwall finally shows up, having been delayed by heavy rains and poor roads on their march. King Uther is not pleased, lambasting the duke for his tardiness and imposes heavy fines on him for missing the muster.

Solos, Christmas Courts and Winter Phases will be done separately or in groups as we head towards 482.

480 Solo for Sir Siors of Burcombe
The knight of the stinky pantaloons

With Timo aka Sir Siors of Burcombe

“Being deathly ill with fever and shakes Sir Siors missed the Battle of Salisbury. After a long sickness he finally got better, but his strength never quite recovered.”

“While on guard duty Sir Siors spotted a Saxon raiding party in the distance and rang the alarm. Company of knights and guardsmen rode after, but lost majority of the raiders in the woods. However a small detachment of Saxon footmen were left in ambush, led by a veteran heortgoneth. Sir Siors was victorious and slew the leader and claimed a strange ointment he had in his pouch.”

“While on patrol, Sir Siors and his company came to a small manor on the borderlands between Salisbury and Silchester. The lord of the manor is a mercenary knight, who had been wounded by raiders. Siors’s patrol found the raiders and dealt with the matter, returning the lords stolen daughter. The knight promised Sir Siors 3 favors for his service.”

“Attended a feast at Pitton manor. Sir Siors was bragging of his hunting prowess and made an ass of himself. He was not invited to join the hunt. A serving wench was however very taken with him and one thing led to another. The serving girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy during the winter.”

“During the winter Sir Siors asked his brother Sir Iefan for 1£ to finance an adventure. He had heard of a bandit hideout and decided to handle the rogues. Recklessly he stormed right into the middle of the bandit camp and promptly soiled his trousers upon seeing the multitude of foes. While running away blindly he got lost in the small copse of trees and spent the night shivering in the snow, not realizing that a warm fire and shelter was a mere stone throw away.”

480 finish
+ winter phase for Sir Iefan

With: Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe

After the Battle of Salisbury, Sir Iefan of Burcombe spent two weeks recuperating from his wounds and attended the burial of High King Aurelius Ambrosius at the Giant’s Dance (Stonehenge). There is much grief while the king is laid to rest in a grave prepared by Merlin the Magician. After the burial the barons of Logres acclaim Uther King of Logres. He asks the Supreme Collegium to pronounce him High King of Britain. However after a secret ballot Uther is far from the 3/4 majority.

After a delegation from Salisbury reaches Westminster Abbey for Uther’s coronation, Sir Iefan has free time to visit Londinium. His plan is to purchase a steel sword to act as backup if his family heirloom should brake in battle. Sir Iefan finds himself lost in London and offers coin for instructions to a blacksmith. A fellow called Old Tom distinguishes himself from the throng of city folk volunteering. After a generous payment Tom took Sir Iefan to see the sights and finally led him to a courtyard smithy. Iefan made bought a new sword, had his family heirloom bronze sword examined and made arrangements for an iron sword like the one above the smiths anvil. The smith claimed it was a family heirloom also, made by his great grandfather, to hunt fey creatures. Afterwards he returned to Salisbury camp. Uther was crowned King of Logres and there was much feasting.

Later in the year, Sir Iefan spent time getting to know his lands and people better. As a result he sire two daughters in the village. As a Honest and Generous knight, he offered the children be brought up in his manor as the mothers care for them in shifts.

As a result of Saxon raiding leading up the battle, it was becoming clear that the harvest was not going to cut it. Sir Iefan led some of his knights and peasants on a raid towards Sussex and managed to gather enough easy pickings to carry his manor over to the new year.

Year 480
The King is dead! Long live the king!

Simo: Sir Godfrey of Marston
Timo: Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Jenni: Sir Aeron of Boyton
Jani: Sir Aldwyn of Durnford
Jari: Sir Morgan of Dinton
Markku: Sir Duncan of Tisbury

We begin they year with a small feast and knighting of many promising squires. Afterwards, Sir Elad approaches the young knights and informs them that Sir Roderick, Count of Salisbury has a mission for them.

Led by Sir Elad the knights travel to Wynchbank Castle (Windsor) to meet the baron, Sir Gwylon. Sir Roderick is interested in arranging an engagement with Lady Ellen, the barons only child and heir. Though she is only 13 years old, she is growing into a beautiful young woman. The knights also learn that Sir Blains, Duke Ulfius’s trusted man has been making similar advances, but has thus far been rebuffed. The matter is put on hold, when during easter court, King Aurelius Ambrosius reveals that both the Irish and Saxons from Kent are making moves against Logres.

Half the kings army marches to Cambria to counter the Irish led by Prince Uther and his newly “found” and knighted son Madoc. The other half waits in defence of Salisbury as news reaches Sarum, that the fleet is sailing up the river Avon.

During the Battle of Salisbury the forces of Britain are holding their own well untill the king suddenly falls from his horse dead. Later, there are rumors of poison before the battle. When morale is low and the knights of Logres fall back is dismay, Sir Gorlois of Cornwall leads the reserves and cuts the enemy army in half. During the final cleanup, the knights of Salisbury spot a Saxon hero and his bodyguards and valiantly try to reach him. Sir Duncan of Tisbury is slain and the young warchief makes off, though sorely wounded.


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