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  • Sir Ulfius

    Ulfius is the hardest-working baron in Logres. He became close friends with Uther as a child in Armorica and has remained a favorite ever since. Baron by blood, he has earned his way to the top through relentless effort in every battle, securing whatever …

  • Sir Brychan of Longridge

    Sir Brychan, the *Deputy Marshal of Logres*, has a deep, booming voice that inspires those he leads. He is a large man, with black hair and beard and blue eyes. He braids his hair and beard and wears the arm rings of the warriors he has killed to appear …

  • Sir Gwylon

    Baron Gwylon is the father of [[:lady-ellen | Lady Ellen]], his only surviving child. She is the heiress to extensive lands in Salisbury and various manors in Logres. Sir Gwylon has resisted marriage efforts by Sir Blains, a Notable knight in the …

  • Sir Bassianus

    Bassianus presides over the old Roman city of Noviomagus, secure in its stone fastness against the Saxons who are his neighbors. He is a rich baron.