The core Burcombe family in 480
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Manor of Burcombe was founded near river Naddar, next to the bountiful forest at southern Salisbury. It has always been famous from the fish that feeds it´s people and hunting skill of their lords.

Burcombe was gifted to Eurig, after knighthood was founded. Eurig was glorified knight(2600) leaving behind one son, Trystan, who was knighted in age of 21(431). After few years Trystan was married to Lady Ceinwein(433). Years of trying and duty to the lord they finally had a son Geraint(437), heir to the house.

Sir Trystan witnessed murder of king Constans who he couldn´t help. He was battlehardened veteran who fought against picts, huns and saxons. It was remarkable and unusual that man of Trystan stature and experience died of old age when he was 47 years old(457). What is more remarkable that his wife Lady Ceinwein is still alive, true iron matriarch she is.

Burcombe manor was passed down to eldest son, Geraint who was knighted year later in 458. Sir Geraint married Lady Anwen in the same year and they had their first legitimate heir to Burcombe, Iefan. But iefan wasn´t Sir Geraint’s first born child, he had one night stand with a local peasant woman who gave birth to Oswain(457).

Sir Geraint was just and honourfull, he loved all of his … JATKUU


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