Salisbury is a county in Logres. All beginning player knights come from this area.

Salisbury is one of the most densely populated areas and home to many interesting sites, such as Stonehenge, Amesbury Abbey, White Horse.

Salisbury county consists of all the holdings of the Earl of Salisbury. The fief consist primarily of the city of Sarum and the lard land area on Salisbury Plain around it. The land is good for farming and provides other forms of income for the count – fisheries, taxes on merchants, and tolls from bridges.


Cities, towns, villages

The county consists of one large city, Sarum, three smaller walled cities (Wilton, Warminster and Tilshead) and dozens of much smaller towns and villages.


Salisbury has five castles. Sarum Castle is very strong and also behind the city walls. The other four Devizes, du Plain, Ebble, and Vagon are common motte-and-bailey castles.


The roads on the map are nearly all hard packed dirt and are the best travel routes available. There are rutted tracks and hunters’ trails connecting nearby settlements together, but they are seldom traveled by other than locals.

The Old Tracks have been known since the bronze age and traverse high ground. They are usually dry, but very difficult for horses, so mainly peasants on foot travel them.

The King’s Road runs through the territory from Levocamagus to Sarum, and then onward towards Dorchester. This used to be a Roman road, and is both wide and paved, though overgrown at the edges and with many tufts of grass cracked through its surface.

The Hundreds of Salisbury

  • Red: Count of Salisbury
  • Purple: Royal hundreds
  • Hillfarm: Duke Glevum
  • Wereside: Baron Wereside.
  • Chalk Hill: The Bishop of Venta.
  • Swans: Baron Thornbush.
  • Studfold: Count Caercolun.
  • Mere: Duke of the Marche.

(Image by Sable Wyvern, nocturnal forums.)


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