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The role of family in Pendragon

The world is a dangerous place, and it is easy to mistrust
in others, even if they are not strangers who speak a
different tongue and worship alien gods. Foreigners are, a
priori, hostile and threatening. The loyalty and affection
of a person for his family is considered to be inherent to
nature. It is unthinkable that someone would turn against
his family. A kinslayer is inhuman, almost demonic.

One’s own kin should always be trusted. Even if a kinsman
acts despicably to others, he is still to be trusted. Only one’s
family can be counted upon in an emergency — any emergency.
Given this understanding, an individual is not helpless
against the world, but can always count on his kin for aid.

Sometimes a knight has to choose between loyalty to
his kin and loyalty to his lord. There may be no way to resolve
such problems without offending someone important.
Such dilemmas fuel some of the greatest stories, and thus
offer the best chances for roleplay.

Some of the commonly used family terms are as follows:
Clan: All people who claim descent from a common
Family: The nuclear family, consisting of a husband
and wife, and their dependants.
Lineage: All people who can actually trace their ancestry
to a common ancestor. This is the “extended family.”
Kindred: All people who are relatives of an individual,
including those who are outside his lineage (e.g., his wife’s

Notable families of Salisbury

Your Family

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