King Arthur Pendragon

480 finish

+ winter phase for Sir Iefan

With: Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe

After the Battle of Salisbury, Sir Iefan of Burcombe spent two weeks recuperating from his wounds and attended the burial of High King Aurelius Ambrosius at the Giant’s Dance (Stonehenge). There is much grief while the king is laid to rest in a grave prepared by Merlin the Magician. After the burial the barons of Logres acclaim Uther King of Logres. He asks the Supreme Collegium to pronounce him High King of Britain. However after a secret ballot Uther is far from the 3/4 majority.

After a delegation from Salisbury reaches Westminster Abbey for Uther’s coronation, Sir Iefan has free time to visit Londinium. His plan is to purchase a steel sword to act as backup if his family heirloom should brake in battle. Sir Iefan finds himself lost in London and offers coin for instructions to a blacksmith. A fellow called Old Tom distinguishes himself from the throng of city folk volunteering. After a generous payment Tom took Sir Iefan to see the sights and finally led him to a courtyard smithy. Iefan made bought a new sword, had his family heirloom bronze sword examined and made arrangements for an iron sword like the one above the smiths anvil. The smith claimed it was a family heirloom also, made by his great grandfather, to hunt fey creatures. Afterwards he returned to Salisbury camp. Uther was crowned King of Logres and there was much feasting.

Later in the year, Sir Iefan spent time getting to know his lands and people better. As a result he sire two daughters in the village. As a Honest and Generous knight, he offered the children be brought up in his manor as the mothers care for them in shifts.

As a result of Saxon raiding leading up the battle, it was becoming clear that the harvest was not going to cut it. Sir Iefan led some of his knights and peasants on a raid towards Sussex and managed to gather enough easy pickings to carry his manor over to the new year.



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