King Arthur Pendragon

480 Solo for Sir Siors of Burcombe

The knight of the stinky pantaloons

With Timo aka Sir Siors of Burcombe

“Being deathly ill with fever and shakes Sir Siors missed the Battle of Salisbury. After a long sickness he finally got better, but his strength never quite recovered.”

“While on guard duty Sir Siors spotted a Saxon raiding party in the distance and rang the alarm. Company of knights and guardsmen rode after, but lost majority of the raiders in the woods. However a small detachment of Saxon footmen were left in ambush, led by a veteran heortgoneth. Sir Siors was victorious and slew the leader and claimed a strange ointment he had in his pouch.”

“While on patrol, Sir Siors and his company came to a small manor on the borderlands between Salisbury and Silchester. The lord of the manor is a mercenary knight, who had been wounded by raiders. Siors’s patrol found the raiders and dealt with the matter, returning the lords stolen daughter. The knight promised Sir Siors 3 favors for his service.”

“Attended a feast at Pitton manor. Sir Siors was bragging of his hunting prowess and made an ass of himself. He was not invited to join the hunt. A serving wench was however very taken with him and one thing led to another. The serving girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy during the winter.”

“During the winter Sir Siors asked his brother Sir Iefan for 1£ to finance an adventure. He had heard of a bandit hideout and decided to handle the rogues. Recklessly he stormed right into the middle of the bandit camp and promptly soiled his trousers upon seeing the multitude of foes. While running away blindly he got lost in the small copse of trees and spent the night shivering in the snow, not realizing that a warm fire and shelter was a mere stone throw away.”



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