King Arthur Pendragon

481: Main session

The Lost Boys

Timo aka Sir Iefan of Burcombe
Markku aka Sir Digon of Tisbury

Easter Court in Caerwent at the Bishoprick of Venta. Sir Digon is knighted. The Bishop of Venta chastices Digon for acting unlike a proper christian knight, but in private.

King Uther orders 1/5th of all knights to muster in Lambor in a months time for conquest of Bedegraine after King Bedegraine refused to pay tribute to him. Sir Digon and Iefan decide to make their own way to Lambor after easter court, since travel all the way back to Salisbury would be a waste of time. They get lost while taking a shortcut through Forest Sauvage. We’ll perhaps hear of them later…

In the mean time, Uther’s army has mustered and moves out to meet Bedegraines much smaller force. There is raiding and Bedegraine holds Sir Ulfius and the main army from crossing the Trent river. Sir Sulien, King Bedegraines cousin has agreed to help Uther and leads a portion of the army led by Uther himself across another lesser fording. Bedegraine withdraws to hold the castles as Uther approaches.

The Battle of Bedegraine is a short business. Uther’s forces outnumber their enemy by over 5:1 and on the third hour King Bedegraine is slain by Uther himself and the battle is over.

Some brave knights of Salisbury were participating in the battle: Sir Siors of Burcombe and Sir Dugal of Tisbury.

Sir Siors took a massive blow in the first charge and was sent flying off his saddle. His squire was sure his lord was dead, but managed to retrieve the body and weave his way through the fighting only to reach camp just as the battle was over. Through first aid and application of the mysterious ointment Siors recovered last year, his life was spared.

Sir Dugal was also unhorsed in the first charge and his squire lost sight of him. Dugal however got up on his feet and seeing no other course of action, attacked any and all opponents around him. Using his spear and fiery passions he managed to survive the rest of the battle against mounted knights.

After the battle is over and done with, Sir Gorlois of Cornwall finally shows up, having been delayed by heavy rains and poor roads on their march. King Uther is not pleased, lambasting the duke for his tardiness and imposes heavy fines on him for missing the muster.

Solos, Christmas Courts and Winter Phases will be done separately or in groups as we head towards 482.



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