King Arthur Pendragon

482: Winter Phase for Burcombe

Oops I did it again...

During Christmas Court Sir Iefan had relations with Lady Gwenynned, the lusty daughter of Sir Galed, Baron of Barehill. She is with child and her father has learned of this. She is highly eligible, but disgraced through having born a son to what she claims is a famous knight of Salisbury and numerous other rumored affairs. Normally she would be a priced catch with a hefty dowry, but her father is looking to pass her on to be someone elses trouble. He will be demanding that Sir Iefan take her as wife during the spring court.

While at Sarum during the winter Sir Iefan negotiated a delicate matter on behalf of Sir Roderick. The issue was handled descreetly and satisfactory to all parties. He was awarded a small parcel of farmland free of servitum debitum.

Meanwhile Sir Siors handled the marriage arrangements of a kinswoman. He selfishly arranged and pocketed a small bribe. He also sired a son on a minor noble lady, but refused the child.



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