King Arthur Pendragon

483: Ambushed

The Marriage of Count Roderick

The King has announced he will decide who gets to marry Lady Ellen by summer of 483. Everyone hoping to marry her is making their way to Rydychan for easter court.

So our knights join Count Roderick, his marshal Sir Elad and 6 of Rodericks household knights to make their case and present the King with horseloads of gifts.

One evening, halfway to their destination, the group stops to make camp and they are ambushed by saxon warriors and cavalrymen. Sirs Digon and Iefan are both caught off guard and face 3 warriors. They fight bravely, Iefan taking down two of his foes while Digon trades blows with his. Alas, Digon is taken down and falls to the ground. Sir Iefan spurs his horse towards the two standing over Digons unmoving body and takes a nasty lick from his final foe. He slays one, but is brought low by the other.

Thankfully the counts men come in to clean up the survivors and the good squires heal their lords wounds. Neither are in condition to carry on and are left at a nearby monastery to heal up. After a week though both men are able to stand and wish to hurry up after their liege.

When they are caught up, they hear the surviving saxons were interrogated and said they were hired by a masked man who paid in silver and promised them all the loot the count was taking to the king.

When the party arrives at court, the tale is told to the king and he has the men executed publicly. Sir Iefan noticed that Sir Blains was noticably relieved when the headmans axe fell…



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