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  • Sir Roderick

    Sir Roderick is an heir of ancient lineage holding onto an ancient demesne with many extraordinary privileges and rights. The Castle of Roe Deer Ford came to his family through marriage, with other lands from the king here and there.

  • Sir Corneus

    Sir Corneus is an ambitious warlord, proud of his courage and prowess, unafraid of anything alive except King Uther. His bard calls him “Hammer of the Church,” a title conferred by the northern British Christian church. He holds many titles and lands …

  • Count Sulien of Bedegraine

    Cousin to the [[:king-bedegraine | King of Bedegraine]]. Sir Sulien is the heir to this land — a cousin of the independent king who was killed by Uther in 481. He is from this land, and had served the king before. After the war he was named Count to …